Hitorhike Innovative Sleeping Pad Fast Filling Inflatable Mattress With Pillow

Easy to inflate with 5-10 breaths and deflate within one second by an open valve. 235 x 70CM larger size suitable for most people - back, side, stomach sleepers. Waterproof material isolates moisture, keeps you warm, and easy to clean. There's a patched fabric to protect the HITORHIKE sleeping pad when there's a hole to avoid air leakage.


  • Comfortable and Reliable: Comfort and no leak is the priority, with air-support cells design to limit air movement and heat loss.
  • The cubed surface design fits the body’s natural curves, whether you sleep on this on your back, sides, or stomach, you can always feel comfortable.
  • The specially designed Two Way Valve prevents the air leak, so there’s no worry about get up and inflate it in the middle of the night, just have a good sleep.
  • Ultralight and Durable: Premium ultralight Ripstop Nylon fabric and extruded TPU Lamination, no chemical smell.