Hydrogen Rich Antioxidants Water Cup Ionizer Maker ORP Bottle 420ml

Hydrogens are known as the water of life, drink plenty of hydrogens-rich water to delay aging. can also be used for washing the face, maintenance of the skin. Use It is easier to absorb when moisturized. Rich Hydrogen water is beneficial to regulate the stomach, relieve constipation. This water in the body through the cycle to improve gastrointestinal function. Improve water quality at the same time, kill the bacteria in the water, sterilization effect is obvious.


  • Boron-silicon high-temperature resistant glass, healthy material. Intelligent titanium, electrolysis technology to achieve a stable combination of hydrogens and water, with high hydrogens concentration, good stability, and so on.
  • Sensitive touch button, two-speed electrolysis mode. Capacitive sensing touch button, sensitive, with 3 minutes of electrolysis, independent buttons, the one-button operation is simple.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery with USB universal interface for quick and convenient charging.
  • Unique split design. The borosilicate glass body and the base are separately designed, and the base is unscrewed and conveniently placed in water for immersion cleaning.